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Request your demonstration case with Andocor products.

Andocor would like to offer you a demonstration case which contains a wide selection of our products. 
These demonstration products are stored in a custom-made, solid suitcase which is easy to take with you while travelling.
In this manner, you are able to present a complete range of Andocor's products to your clients in a convenient and professional way.

The case includes:

- Arterial Cannulae
- Aortic Catheters
- Flex Line Two Stage Venous Cannulae
- Flex Line Venous Cannula
- Porous Vent Plug and Vented Connector Cap
- Aortic Root Cannulae
- Retrograde Cardioplegia Cannula
- Cardioplegia Needle
- Cardioplegia Adapters
- Ostial Perfusion Cannula
- Paediatric Arterial and Venous Cannulae
- Thoracic drain
- Silicone Vent Catheter
- PVC Vent Catheter
- Pericardial Sump
- Flexible Sucker
- Rigid Sucker
- Gas Diffuser
- Vessel Cannulae
- Connectors
- Cannulation Tourniquet Set

If interested, please mail to for further information.


Andocor is a Belgian company active in the field of cardiovascular surgery and anesthesiology. We manufacture high-quality cardiac catheters and cannulae . Our cardiac catheters and cannulae are manufactured in state-of-the-art clean rooms ... 
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