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Flex line two stage venous cannulae

Andocor two stage venous cannulae are intended for use in venous drainage via the right atrium and inferior vena cava simultaneously during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery up to six hours or less.

Additionaly, Andocor offers an alternative Aortic Catheter with 3/8" connection

Different configurations 
- with and without connector/luer connector
- round body or flat body
- sizes: 32/40 Fr, 34/40 Fr, 34/46 Fr, 36/46 Fr and 36/51 Fr
- connection site: 1/2"

Features & Benefits
- single piece construction
- open and flexible lighthouse tip
- easy positioning
- insertion depth marker


Andocor is a Belgian company active in the field of cardiovascular surgery and anesthesiology. We manufacture high-quality cardiac catheters and cannulae . Our cardiac catheters and cannulae are manufactured in state-of-the-art clean rooms ... 
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